Cultural surroundings

Apartment House Ve Smečkách 14 is located in vicinity of Wenceslas Square, Prague’s cultural and business centre, dominated by the historical building of the National Museum. In the upper part of the square you can see the statue of the Czech patron saint St. Wenceslas and at the bottom, you can visit an Old Czech market. Today’s Wenceslas Square is a commercial and cultural centre of Prague, presenting at the same time marvellous combination of historical architecture and the most modern contemporary buildings.
Another monument nearby is the ten-storey Jindřišská Tower, which was built in 1472-1476. The belfry reaches the height of 65.7 meters and is the highest belfry in Prague with a Europe-wide unique carillon. 10 bells inside the bell tower play one of 1100 tunes each day. From the top floor of the tower you can admire the view of Prague skyline.

Access by public transport

Thanks to its location, our property has excellent links to public transport. All metro lines are just a few steps away as well as nearby tram stops.

Museum metro station (line A and C)       7 minute walk    400 m
Můstek metro station (lines A and B)       8 minute walk    470 m
Wenceslas Square tram stop       8 minute walk    500 m
Štěpánská tram stop       9 minute walk    520 m

Connection to more distant places is easy thanks to the vicinity of the Prague Main Railway Station.

Prague Main Railway Station   15 minute walk    950 m

To the visitors coming with their own car, we can offer a rental of one parking space in the house garage or can arrange upon request paid parking spaces in a nearby car park or an outdoor parking lot.

Prague – Wilsonova car park   12 minute walk    950 m

About the property and its surroundings

The house dates back to the epoch of the Second Rococo and was designed by the architect Josef Maličký in 1863. The building went through an extensive reconstruction in 1978. In the past year, the building underwent extensive repairs again and is now meeting all safety requirements.
The building has been newly equipped in the manner that would fully satisfy even the high-end clients. Each apartment has a modern fully equipped kitchen, a living room, a bedroom and a luxury bathroom. The house is also equipped with washer and dryer. We can also offer the option of renting a parking space in the garage of the building to the visitors coming by car.
There are many restaurants and bars in the neighbourhood. For those who would just like to buy something small to eat, there are three convenient grocery stores in vicinity, with practically 24/7 service.
The street where the building is located may be perceived as a centre of the Prague night life. Safety is at the same time assured by the local Municipal Police station with the office just a few steps from the house.